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So today I had my first experience of being picked as pregnant out in public. Well, apart from that time a few weeks ago when the train was crowded and an older woman offered me her seat, but that doesn't count because I was wearing a skirt that has always made me look pregnant and holding a pregnancy book, so that was a bit of a giveaway. (I didn't take the seat, by the way. She was older and I didn't really need it, so I would have felt bad.)
But today counts! I was out buying lunch and out of nowhere the girl behind the counter said, "is it a boy?" It's a good thing she also pointed at my stomach because otherwise I wouldn't have had the faintest clue what she was talking about. I said, "A girl," for Lo! It is so, and she had a little squee, and then she gave me my lentil soup and that was that.
It was pretty cool. I mean, also I think she was pretty brave, because I'm a bit on the lardy side anyway and to me I just look fatter than normal. I guess the flowy peasant top I'm wearing helped. There is a baby bump there, if I prod my abdomen it's alarmingly tight and round, but it's pushing out my existing belly fat so I still look wobbly rather than having that nice curve. I'm looking forward to it getting bigger and more obvious because I'm getting tired of catching sight of myself naked in the mirror and thinking holy feck, you're getting fat! Then I remember, but I still have to go through it every time. It's not good for my self-esteem.
So at this point I am 23 and a half weeks along and I can feel the baby move every now and then, but mostly I don't. It does feel like bubbles, or weird gas, or sometimes it doesn't really feel like anything but I'm aware. This is good; I was starting to freak out that I hadn't felt anything, even though my obstetrician and my friends and Dr Google all said it would take longer, this being my first pregnancy and the placenta being on the front (and ahem, me being of portly disposition) and all. Plus right now I feel fine, I don't feel pregnant at all, and I keep forgetting, which is why the mirror always comes as a shock.
It still feels so unreal. I've never been a maternal person, so having a baby wasn't something I've known I'll do. I don't feel qualified for it. I'm not exactly a crafty person; the handiest thing I've done lately is knit Dave one of these Daleks, but that had instructions and even then it came out a bit lumpy. How can I possibly be growing a human being right inside me? I have no idea how to do that; it shouldn't be allowed. Yet here she is, growing away, doing all the right things exactly when she should be, and I have nothing at all to do with it. It's very strange.
This is why I'm looking forward to getting bigger, even though it will be over a sweaty hot summer and I shall waddle and be uncomfortable, and for her to start kicking, because then it might start feeling like I'm not making it up. As it is right now I keep prodding my belly and turning all wide-eyed to Dave to say things like, "I'm pregnant! You knocked me up!" and I think he's getting a bit sick of it. Or maybe he just doesn't believe me yet.


Patrick and I spent the first 6 weeks after MrD was born waiting desperately for the professionals to show up and take over. (We were so obviously clueless, such hopeless amateurs, how could anyone leave a BABY with us?) Of course, the funny thing is they eventually did...but only because we became the professionals ourselves, which sounded IMPOSSIBLE and completely implausible at the time!
Ha! You know, I love to hear stuff like this. It makes me so much better about the mess I'll make of this to start with (and assures me I will get the hang of it eventually) :-)
Holy Mackerel. When did I miss this announcement?! I am so behind. Grats dude!! Do you have baby names yet? I want pics!
LOL. You suck! To be fair I did bury it at the bottom of a post or two ago. You mean you don't savour every word I write??? There's a pic on my facebook :-)
Oh God! It's a girl. There is a little version of you in there.

I find this equal parts fascinating and utterly terrifying! ;-)

Just to think, there'll soon be this cute little adorable creature running around calling me Nunkie Connell and eating ice cream, while planning world domination.
ARGH!!! ARGH!!!!

After I saw you yesterday (while I was enjoying my delicious stolen coffee) I realised I hadn't told you yet. Must tell him, I thought. I wouldn't want him to find out ON THE INTERNET. That's even worse than by email!


Truth be told, I'm a little disappointed. I wanted to be able to say I was growing a penis, and now I can't. Bummer.
Meh... a penis is over-rated.

Or maybe that's just mine.

Stop stealing MY coffee - it makes babies penises drop off.

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