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still alive

Oh my goodness, I did not mean to let, what, four months go past without writing an entry. That's forever in blogtime! Is anyone even still out there?

So since I last wrote (I had to go read), my project at work was put on hold, and shortly afterwards I was sunk in a morass of confusion and despair over my job. Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration. But everything was up in the air and I didn't know what role I'd have or even if they wanted me to have a role, me and my obsolete skills, and it was pretty depressing. I even ended up bursting into tears over it in the office, definitely my lowest point. So, I didn't write. Then things started perking up and I wanted to write but it's hard to start the habit again, you know? And then things got really busy and I had lots to write about but no time at all. I mean, even Cabbie's been too busy to tweet and he does bugger all all day.

So there.

So this is just a quick entry to say hello and I'm still alive and give a quick update on what's been going on. For verily there is lots.

  • Work has got better. I'm now in a development team learning to program in Java. It's interesting but also daunting; it's been a long time since I haven't been very very good at what I do so I find it scary. Before I started I did a short "introduction to Java programming" course which I aced and got all confident about my move, and then I looked at real code and ohmygoodness it was terrifying. But, I'm getting there (slowly). I just feel bad because I'm not naturally good at asking people questions so I feel a bit lost, and also because I'm not really concentrating on work at the moment (see below). I feel like I could do a better job, but my focus just isn't here right now.
  • We bought a new house. It's a little bit bigger and a little bit further out than where we live now and we hope it'll suit us for many years. We settle this Friday and move on Monday. We ended up keeping our current place as renting it out was far less faff than decluttering and prepping to sell and hoping to get it all sorted by time the new place settled (not to mention a much better idea wealthwise), so I close my eyes and pretend not to see our total mortgage amounts or the predictions of interest rate rises. Luckily we are >thisclose< to signing a tenant, so once they're in the majority of the finance stress will go away.

I need to spend less time worrying and more time visualising positive outcomes to situations!

  • And... (and this is the big one) we're having a baby. I'm due on 27th of March next year, which makes me 18 weeks along now. So far the stress for this is limited to the usual ohshitohshitwhathavewedone? but I expect that will change soon. Especially since I found out the other day that I should already be on lists for daycare if I expect to get any in 2011! Gah.

So yes, lots has been going on. So much to write about! And yet, I haven't. I suck. But I will now. Promise.


Oh wow. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a baby is genuinely the best decision I ever made in my life, despite all the things I was terrified about beforehand. MrD has made my whole life so much more joyful, and I know the same will be true for you. I am so happy for you guys!
Thanks Steph! I'm hearing a lot of people telling me that it's the best thing they've done, so I'm hoping you're all right and this fear will go at some point :-) What am I doing having a baby? I have no idea about babies!
Ooooh. May it be born at an auspicious time! :-)
Wow! Whenever I stop writing for ages I never have anything like so interesting to talk about, congrats!
I don't know, I think your laptop event was pretty iinteresting from the outside! (And thanks :-)
Thank god you're having a baby, lord knows you've been a clucky as hell for ages! All the happiness in the world to you and that man of yours, but have you broken the news to Cabby yet?
I did tell Cabbie that mummy was going to have an egg and would he like a brother or a sister? He bobbed his head up and down excitedly and yelled "Budgie budgie budgie!" so I guess that's his vote.